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Meeting Facilitator

Imagine a meeting that inspires honest conversation and transformative change on both personal and organizational levels. A meeting where everyone’s input is genuinely valued and appreciated—one that leads to deeper, more meaningful conversations among colleagues and across organizational levels. Sound…


Keynote Speaker

Transform your events into a unique experience that evokes passion and inspires action, one that leaves participants with a sense of renewal and possibility. Transform your events into a unique experience that evokes passion and inspires action, one that leaves…


Event Emcee

A professional emcee has a goal and a role. The goal is to make sure your meeting attendees are relaxed and comfortable, yet energized and inspired, in an ideal state of mind to engage in important conversations or to learn…

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A Chat about Chat in Zoom meetings (From Rant to Recommendations)

By David Gouthro | September 4, 2020

This short video is a recent rant,  born of my frustration about some of the ways the Chat function is mindlessly used in Zoom Meetings. […]

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Business Principles from a Most Unlikely Place

By David Gouthro | September 1, 2020

A picture is worth a thousand words–or at least 500 . . . Before you read this blog, take a look at the picture above […]

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If You Build It, They May Not Come!

By David Gouthro | August 26, 2020

Marketing . . . from the birds Every so often I recall basic business principles I know I should be acting upon. They tend to […]

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