The Heart of Accountability

The Heart of AccountabilityOne of the best ways to measure the potential for positive change is to count the number of times you hear the words “SOMEONE SHOULD” in reference to something that needs doing. The reason it is only potential is because these words indicate two things:

  • there is something that needs to be done (an opportunity to be realized, a problem to be solved, etc.) and
  • it has nothing to do with me—it’s up to someone else.

Change will happen most quickly and in the direction you wish it to go if you start to take action on the items where you catch yourself saying “SOMEONE SHOULD”. The process is simple:

  1. Catch yourself saying “someone should” (to yourself or to others).
  2. Ask “what part can I play in what needs doing?” (take personal action; ask others to help; point the situation out to the ‘someone’ who can take action, etc.).
  3. Follow through to ensure action is taken.
  4. Express your appreciation for the action taken (give the someone who did a hand, particularly if that
    someone is you)!


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David has over 40 years facilitating high energy, creative and engaging face-to-face meetings that focus on delivering client value in a manner that is focused, flexible and fun. Embracing the challenge of providing the same quality of service in an online world has been heartily embraced and he now enjoys designing and delivering high impact meetings from afar! David can be reached at or 604.926.6858. And he is far from being Zoomed out in case you want a more visual conversation!


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